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Pro-grade clean. DIY price.


Rug Doctor is the rental authority for powerful professional grade products anyone can use. We provide a simple, convenient way for everyday people to achieve professional results without hiring a professional. As an industry leader in carpet cleaning and pressure washer rentals, Rug Doctor provides an unmatched value, saving consumers hundreds of dollars versus hiring professionals. With over 35,000 locations Rug Doctor has equipment for an inside-and-out home deep clean, including cleaning your carpets, area rugs, pet beds, upholstery, and car interiors, or cleaning your driveway, patios/decks, garage or fencing.
Customer using the Rug Doctor Pro in their living room, illustrating the difference between the dirty and clean carpet.
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What constitutes a deep clean?

You want a clean that goes beyond the surface, a clean that deodorizes and protects* your carpets down to the depths of their fibers. Rug Doctor uses pro-grade suction power, scientifically-formulated cleaning solutions, and the effective spray-scrub-extract process to remove ground-in dirt, allergens, stains, and more, giving you a true deep clean for a happier, healthy home.
*The following solutions are formulated to clean, deodorize, and protect: PET Deep Carpet Cleaner, OXY Deep Carpet Cleaner, Spot and Upholstery Triple Action Formula
CRI Platinum Rating


Rug Doctor machines with solution are tested to stringent CRI standards and Rug Doctor Pro Deep achieved the highest Platinum rating. The Carpet & Rug Institute teamed up with NASA in 2007 to develop a method for testing soil removal. The standards are used by professional hired services and the manufacturers to maintain the carpets warranty. These standards measure a true deep clean instead of a visible surface clean only measuring the reflectivity of light.
Using the RugDoctor Pro Hand Tool to clean upholstery inside of a car.

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